Mold Inspection In Homes & Businesses

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Michael Grande

Owner - Restoration 1 of Columbia

This is such a great company!

This is such a great company! Liz is extremely knowledgeable and really understands how to help her customers address the root cause of issues that are causing indoor air quality issues. She is capable of looking at much more than mold (bacteria, HVAC issues, building failures, pathogenic microbial…

Columbia, SC

Chris Kiker

Field Manager - Activ Pest Solutions

I have referred literally, countless customers to The Mold Girl.

I have referred literally, countless customers to Elizabeth for mold testing and remediation over the years. Not just customers but family members as well. Her knowledge and skill far surpasses that of the competition and the follow up calls I’ve recieved from the clients, thanking me for referring he…

Lewes, DE

Mark Roberts

Indoor Air Quality Consultant - Aprilaire

Liz is an absolute expert!

Liz is an absolute expert! From her experience to her working skill sets, it’s been nothing but a pleasure to work with her in such a important growing industry! If your looking for a indoor environmental consultant, don’t look any further! Call her now for a expert analysis and /or remediation prot…

Philadelphia, PA

Ben L.


Air Quality and Environmental Testing

Liz is great! If you have a mold/mildew issue look no further. I don’t think there’s anybody in Charleston with as much knowledge as her. Liz loves her job and loves her some mold 😉 She will to the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with her work.

Charleston, SC

Scott Campbell

Indoor Air Quality Consultant - HydroHero

Awesome To Work With!

Extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and a joy to work with!

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  • Initial phone interview is done to gather information for onsite mold inspection.
  • A secondary interview is done onsite with client to gather more detailed information on occupants and building history.
  • Mold inspectors perform inspection of the property top to bottom and interior and exterior to understand the entire extent of moisture-related issues.
  • Moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and other testing instruments are used to determine the extent of damage and test hypothesis.
  • Photos or taken of findings and general overall conditions of areas inspected.
  • Samples taken are sent to independent 3rd third party lab for analysis.
  • Results from the lab are reviewed and report is written based on all data gathered to correct any issues.
  • Recommendations for remediation contractors can be made upon request.
  • Post remediation verification is completed once the mold remediation protocol is done.
  • If post-inspection passes a certificate of Successful Remediation is issued to all parties.

Have you been worried about the discovery of mold in your South Carolina property? The Mold Girl is here to help you out. We have a team of investigators who will help you verify that mold is present!

The appearance of mold in households, educational institutions, and businesses is of growing concern in Florida. Mold continues to grow on practically any organic material, whether in food, carpet, lumber or paper.

In order to thrive, the mold requires only three key ingredients: food, dampness and ideal temperature. So any time there's a water intrusion, whether it's a slight plumbing leak or a significant flood that wasn't dry, there's a high possibility of mold growth.

Mold can cause serious health problems that range from:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy eyes
  • Serious allergic reactions
  • Asthma attacks
  • Permanent lung damage.

In particular, mold can cause significant aesthetic and architectural destruction to construction materials and other personal property. Indoor mold formation can also have a negative impact on indoor air quality and present some health hazards to occupants.

Sometimes, mold is produced in areas where there is little lighting and a lot of condensation. In several cases, these spaces are not easily visible and are not frequently cleaned. This helps the mold to expand undiscovered and unregulated.

If you begin to notice a moldy, musty smell, feel assured that the mold has spread to harmful degrees. And every day that it remains unmonitored, the main issue will only get worse. So, if you have reason to believe that mold is continuing to grow in your property, act quickly.

The keys to successful mold reduction are mold preparation and inspection. In most cases, assessments and inspections work next to one another and with each other. There are, however, cases in which certain questions can be addressed with one or the other.

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