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When it comes to solving indoor environmental issues related to mold growth, water damage, indoor air quality, or asbestos, we have the experience you need to resolve your problems. The Mold Girl is a Council-certified Indoor Environmentalist with the ACAC.


Do you see, or suspect, that you may have mold in your home? Perhaps you are experiencing allergy type reactions or headaches when in a certain room, or in the house in general. The Mold Girl will listen to your concerns, evaluate your home, take tests to determine if you have mold present, and how to remove the mold using industry standards if needed. Call The Mold Girl Today!


Mold inspection should always be the first step in any mold removal project. A proper inspection can save you thousands of dollars in remediation work. Not finding and correcting the moisture sources often lead to mold regrowth. Don’t let unqualified individuals steer you wrong. Call The Mold Girl Today!


After inspection and testing, a report will be written and include a protocol. The protocol is a list of actions prescribing how to remove the mold. Industry-standard dictates that the protocol is written by a professional who does not have a financial interest in the remediation company. Call The Mold Girl Today!


It is crucial to have all testing repeated after the mold remediation is completed. According to industry standards, the post-testing must be carried out by one who is not affiliated financially with the remediation company. This policy helps guarantee the validity of post-testing results. Call The Mold Girl Today!


The goal is to ensure that the health, comfort, and well-being of those living in a home are not adversely influenced by a lack of proper ventilation and increased contaminants or odors. An IAQ specialist’s evaluation of the entire home can determine what pollutants affect your living space. Call The Mold Girl Today!


Asbestos can be present in numerous materials found in home construction. Taking samples for asbestos testing must follow stringent guidelines and must be performed by an EPA certified specialist. Federal regulations require that test samples sent to an EPA certified lab. Call The Mold Girl Today!


A home inspection can determine if there are acceptable levels, as established by the EPA, of VOCs, CO2, asbestos, or formaldehyde. The inspector will search for any signs of water intrusion, high humidity levels, mold growth, ventilation systems, and air quality in general. Call The Mold Girl Today!


The environmental consultant will evaluate all possible sources of contamination from air and water sources. Those living, or visiting, may experience health problems while in either a single room or the entire home. The consultant will work to pinpoint what is causing discomfort. Call The Mold Girl Today!


Inspections for water damage will focus on isolating all possible sources of water intrusion. Often the cause is not apparent as it is behind a wall, a refrigerator, or cabinets. There may be multiple contributing factors. Water sources – whether active or past tense – must be identified. Call The Mold Girl Today!