Indoor Air Quality In Homes & Businesses

Michael Grande

Owner - Restoration 1 of Columbia

This is such a great company!

This is such a great company! Liz is extremely knowledgeable and really understands how to help her customers address the root cause of issues that are causing indoor air quality issues. She is capable of looking at much more than mold (bacteria, HVAC issues, building failures, pathogenic microbial…

Columbia, SC

Chris Kiker

Field Manager - Activ Pest Solutions

I have referred literally, countless customers to The Mold Girl.

I have referred literally, countless customers to Elizabeth for mold testing and remediation over the years. Not just customers but family members as well. Her knowledge and skill far surpasses that of the competition and the follow up calls I’ve recieved from the clients, thanking me for referring he…

Lewes, DE

Mark Roberts

Indoor Air Quality Consultant - Aprilaire

Liz is an absolute expert!

Liz is an absolute expert! From her experience to her working skill sets, it’s been nothing but a pleasure to work with her in such a important growing industry! If your looking for a indoor environmental consultant, don’t look any further! Call her now for a expert analysis and /or remediation prot…

Philadelphia, PA

Ben L.


Air Quality and Environmental Testing

Liz is great! If you have a mold/mildew issue look no further. I don’t think there’s anybody in Charleston with as much knowledge as her. Liz loves her job and loves her some mold 😉 She will to the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with her work.

Charleston, SC

Scott Campbell

Indoor Air Quality Consultant - HydroHero

Awesome To Work With!

Extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and a joy to work with!

The Mold Girl is an impartial third party that will come through, evaluate the mold, help you identify if you have an issue, what the problem is, how serious it is, and also where the problem is.

  • We're licensed and insured
  • We unbiased and avoid conflicts of interest with third-party air quality testing services.
  • We provide affordable and accurate indoor air quality testing services.

If you have had recent water damage in your house.
If you notice mold and want to identify if it’s toxic.
If there’s a foreign smell in your home or building.
If you’re encountering health complications.
If you are buying or selling a house.
If you’re looking for peace of mind.

The EPA Scientific Advisory Board ranked indoor air emissions (except radon) as the third-highest in its assessment of health risks.

Numerous compounds found in unclean air include but are not limited to carbon monoxide, nitrate, and sulfur dioxide. Such compounds are the primary catalysts for varying degrees of infection. This is in addition to pollutants emitted from second-hand smoke, pets, molds, pollen, and bacteria throughout homes and business offices.

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