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Undeniable Proof That You Need A Mold Inspection Company In Charleston, SC

Mold is a fungus that has been proven to occur almost everywhere. Outdoor mold is useful (i.e., it breaks down plant matter). Mold becomes a problem when it occurs indoors.

In fact, mold is such a common problem in many homes and commercial establishments today that people debate on the need for mold inspection services. Here’s undeniable proof that you need a mold inspection company like The Mold Girl in Charleston, SC.

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1. Seeing Mold Isn’t Enough

Although mold problems seem obviously visible, seeing you have a mold problem isn’t enough. You need a mold inspection to determine the kind of mold you are dealing with. Most people are tempted to categorize all molds as black mold when that isn’t the case.

Before you crown yourself as a mold expert, it’s good to know that there are more than 100,000 mold species, according to the CDC. What’s more, the naked eye can’t be able to tell different types of mold apart or whether the mold is toxic or not. Without mold testing, it’s impossible to tell the severity of the mold problem you are dealing with or the appropriate solution, yet this is the basis of effective mold removal or remediation process.

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2. A Mold Inspection Ensures An Area Is Properly Cleaned

Mold inspections aren’t just important for identifying mold problems. Once again, you can’t rely on your online-gathered information to know if you have dealt with a mold problem adequately. You need a mold inspection after cleaning. The absence of “blackness” in an area after cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean you have dealt with a mold problem effectively.

An inspection (surface sampling) must be done after cleaning, and this isn’t a DIY (Do-It-Yourself task). You need professionals like The Mold Girl with expertise in mold-sampling protocols and sampling methods. You also need the expertise to interpret mold surface sampling results accurately.

What’s more, the EPA has highlighted the analytical methods recommended by professional organizations in the U.S., like the AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association and ACGIA (American Conference for Governmental Industrial Hygienists). Only professional mold inspection companies like The Mold Girl are aware and capable of using these methods effectively.

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3. The Health Effects of Mold Warrant A Professional Solution

As mentioned above, there’s no sure way of ascertaining you have dealt with a mold problem completely without testing. The naked eye can’t see all 100,000+ mold varieties, some of which aren’t black in color. You can’t rely on your sight to detect a mold problem, yet the problem is proven to cause many serious health problems.

The effects of mold on human health have been studied widely by the WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention), and the IOM (Institute of Medicine). All these organizations have linked mold to different health problems, the most notable being:

Mold sensitivity: According to a WHO study, prolonged mold exposure has been proven to cause mold sensitivity, which is linked to problems like nasal and chest congestion, sore throat, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, watery, sore or dry eyes, headaches, and skin irritation.

The next time you get a cough, don’t look for a human host to blame! You may have a mold problem at home.

COPD: Some infections have also been found to be related to mold, such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder). This condition is common among individuals with compromised immunity or pre-existing lung ailments. In fact, individuals with COPD and related conditions potentially develop infections due to prolonged exposure to mold.

Respiratory illness: Research also shows a link between mold and respiratory conditions like asthma. Mold is, in fact, a huge concern among children since it has been proven to cause asthma among other respiratory illnesses common among children. If your healthy child develops asthma or other respiratory conditions, he/she may have been exposed to mold for a while.

Chronic diseases: There’s also evidence showing links between mold and chronic diseases. Toxins produced by mold (mycotoxins) are known to cause chronic diseases like cancer. Mycotoxins like Gliotoxin have been detected in cancer patients. Inhalation of mycotoxins has been linked to multiple myeloma, liver cancer, and cancers affecting the salivary gland and biliary tract.

Given there many other deadly diseases liked mycotoxins, you don’t need more proof to conduct professional mold assessment regularly in your home or establishment. The cost of treating the above diseases, among other risks involved (including death), warrant a professional approach towards mold problems.

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4. Over-The-Counter Mold Testing Kits Don’t Work

Given how common mold problems are in our homes and establishments like commercial buildings, it’s understandable why unscrupulous players have been attracted to this field. Mold remediation is a lucrative industry that is worth billions in the U.S. alone. In Charleston, SC alone, there are many players selling substandard testing kits and offering substandard services just to cash in.

As a result, DIY approaches towards mold remediation aren’t reliable. This explains why the EPA has issued recommendations on dealing with mold. To get rid of mold effectively, you need a remediation plan that assesses the type and size of the mold. The plan also needs to factor in mold damage, finding the source of moisture, and fixing it. The plan must include protective equipment. What’s more, the EPA acknowledges the unique nature of every mold problem, which emphasizes the need for a professional solution. There are also guidelines on inspection that should be followed.

A DIY mold kit can’t possibly address mold problems effectively and safely. Professional mold inspection from reputable companies like The Mold Girl includes sampling and comprehensive visual inspections to identify issues that aren’t apparent to individuals who aren’t trained in mold assessment building sciences.

In a nutshell, mold is everywhere. There are chances that you have a mold problem in your home or establishment right now, even if you can’t see black mold. A mold inspection is the surest way of establishing if you have a mold problem. However, you can’t rely on mold testing kits or DIY methods on YouTube for obvious reasons discussed above.

The EPA stresses the importance of using professionals to sample for mold and endorses analytical methods by professional organizations like the AIHA and ACGIH, not YouTube experts.

What more proof do you need to contact a professional mold inspection company?

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